Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild

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A controversial hymn by Charles Wesley that was widely criticized for portraying Jesus as unassertive, without passion or respect. But the Jesus of the Bible is both passionate and humble, worthy of our respect. You see, Jesus has never fit neatly into anyone’s little box of understanding.

Here’s a simple story of how this hymn made a difference in a child’s life. 

This little girl’s name was Becca. At the time, she lived in an institution for troubled children. Back in the 1800s this institution for emotionally disturbed children could only provide very limited treatment. Becca, who never spoke to anyone, would go around terrorizing other children by hitting them and stomping their toys. 

There was a nurse at this institution who loved this little girl. Slowly she gained Becca’s trust and affection, to the point of Becca sitting quietly with the other children as they learned to sing. 

One summer evening, the nurse put her to bed early. The sun went down and some birds were singing outside. Along with the birds, the nurse then heard a child’s voice. It was Becca. Alone in her room she was singing a song she had heard other children sing: “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, Look upon a little child; Pity my simplicity, Suffer me to come to Thee.”

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© Helpful Creative. All Rights Reserved.

Sources: and ClipArt ETC