All Hail the Power of Jesus Name

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The following is one of my favorite backstories to a gospel hymn. Hope you enjoy both it and my corresponding design for this classic hymn.

Reverend E. P. Scott was a missionary, living in India during the 1800s. At the calling of the Holy Spirit, but against advice of his fellow missionaries, Scott set out to visit a savage and remote mountain tribe.

As he neared their land, he was met by a large group of warriors who quickly surrounded him, each one pointing a spear towards his heart. Expecting to die, Scott made a quick decision to use his last few breaths to glorify God. He took out his violin (which he always carried on him), closed his eyes, and began to play and sing “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name”, in the warriors’ native language.

After singing the first verse, the second, then the third, Rev. Scott realized he was still standing, and that all around him was a peaceful quiet. Opening his eyes he saw every spear lowered. There stood those warriors, with tears in their eyes. Throughout the remainder of his life, Scott spent much time with this tribe, sharing the love of God.

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