God’s Sovereignity

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Although I’ve always enjoyed and admired the artistry of a wide variety of music and songs, it’s pretty rare to be so emotionally connected to one after first hearing it. For me, Nichole Nordeman’s song “I Am” is one of those rare exceptions. When I heard it and several times afterward, the tears just flowed. Without a doubt, it’s the absolute jewel on her 2002 album “Woven & Spun.”

In her own words, “’I Am’ is similar to ‘Every Season’ in that the bottom-line message is God’s sovereignty throughout the passage of time and circumstance.” “And, you know, our lives change so much and who we need God to be changes on a dime and somehow, He continues to steadfastly say, “I Am. I Am. I Am.” and puts the period right there after those two small words. For me, that is still hard to sort of wrap my mind around, but I am incredibly grateful.”

While Nichole’s third album “Woven & Spun” may not be her best... this song may well be. I can't recommend it highly enough!

© Helpful Creative  Sources:  CBN  +  Unsplash - Volkan Olmez

© Helpful Creative

Sources: CBN + Unsplash - Volkan Olmez