Al Green’s Lament

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The event that altered Al Green’s life as a famous R&B performer, began October 18, 1974. On this date Mary Woodson, a woman who had walked away from her family to be with Green, attacked him in his bathroom and in a fit of rage threw a boiling pan of grits on Green. She then shot and killed herself in Green’s Memphis home. During his long recovery from third-degree burns, Green fully devoted himself to his faith. After he recovered, he bought a church, the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Memphis and began leading services there.

Later, suffering a slight lull in his gospel career with 1984's “Trust in God,” Green reunited with producer Willie Mitchell to help re-energize his album sales. Even though, Mitchell admittedly preferred the secular to the religious music, Green remained unwavering in his faith. Together they worked on and published the gospel soul album “He Is the Light,” released in 1985.

“Power” is a beautifully heartfelt lament and worship song by Al Green and Willie Mitchell, released on this same album. While not typically remembered for its relevance to Easter, it still resonates with praise for Him who has the power over life and death (John 10:18). The only One who is able to change the hearts and circumstances of those whose trust is in Him.

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Sources: Biography + AllMusic + Jesse Dittmar