Lauren Daigle

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Lauren Daigle delivers powerful vocals on “How Can It Be” with both a painful yearning and wonder for God’s all-sufficient grace. Both the song and Lauren’s album by the same name became RIAA Certified Gold.

This heartfelt praise was written by Paul Mabury, Jason Ingram and Jeff Johnson. Both Lauren as the performer and Paul as one of the writers found their inspiration for this song in the biblical story of grace that Jesus Christ showed a woman caught in adultery, John 8:3-12.

These verses describe Jesus stooping down on the ground when a crowd of men threw a woman at His feet and said, “Look at what she’s done, shouldn't we stone her? That’s what the law requires,” they said. Listening to their accusations of being a lawbreaker… for a sin that would require her death, Jesus demonstrates God’s perfect justice, love and grace for her.

© Helpful Creative  Sources:  +  Premier Productions  +  Mira Bozhko

© Helpful Creative

Sources: + Premier Productions + Mira Bozhko